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Have You Seen Charlie?

This is my first novel. I realized that some people didn’t realize that K. H. Brockwell is actually me. I used my husbands last name for the book because it looked better on the cover and it made my father-in-law so very happy. Writing “Have You Seen Charlie?” was something I did on a whim, without much thought about what would become of my story. Now that  “Charlie” is published and out in the world I find great joy in knowing this story is brightening people’s lives.  The added bonus to this is I now have a goal. I would like to make enough money with this book to donate $1 million dollars to horse charities. I know that is a lofty goal but hey why not go big? So, if you haven’t read “Charlie” pick up a copy or download a copy. For the price of a cup of coffee you can enjoy a great story and help some horses in need.

Thanks again and enjoy the story.


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