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The “Glamour life of a rancher” is what I usually mutter under my breath as I load my wheelbarrow with another shovel of horse….. well ya know. However according to my friends and clients my life as a working cowgirl is a source of constant inspiration, amusement, entertainment, envy and distain. So with much prodding I began my newest endeavor “Cowgirl Blogger”. This is the view out my window on the world it is not meant to be a judgement, endorsement, or promotion of or for anything or anyone. Just a glimpse of life as it is framed in my world, between their ears.

Hello my name is Karen Hardy and I am the owner of Santa Fe Stables, mother of two beautiful daughters, wife to an amazingly supportive husband, and caregiver to 20+ horses and three dogs. I opened the Stables in the Spring of 2008 with one criteria. Th stables must be sustainable for both the horses and humans.  I would like to thank everyone for reading my silly little stories, I hope they brighten your day, if they do, pass them on to a friend.

Thanks again and happy trails


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